Eight Things an Accounting Adviser .. Deloitte US

Eight Things an Accounting Adviser .. Deloitte US

accounting advisory services

It’s after this point many firms transition to CAS 3.0, or assisting clients with business strategy and decisions. Conversely, the advice, expertise, planning and strategy that went into the process before the report was created are very differentiated. Advisory services grow from our unique experiences and expertise, and are the secret sauce that creates value for our accounting advisory services clients. Compliance services are required, and there is very little differentiation in the deliverable between practitioners. A tax return or financial statement usually looks the same no matter who prepared it. The fact that most firms include the exact same compliance description on client invoices reinforces that there is nothing special about the compliance report.

When you understand your audience, you can develop a marketing campaign with messages that truly resonate. The short answer to this question is to shift away from hourly billing to value-based pricing. With a value-based approach, your firm assigns a price based on the value your services bring to the client. The price varies from client to client because you base it on what the client values most and what they are willing to pay for that value.

Business accounting solutions to help you serve your clients

Our services can support clients in adopting and maintaining compliance with complex accounting requirements in new standards. Services also include adjacent complex accounting services such as IFRS/ US GAAP/ Local GAAP conversions and financial statement development/restatement support. Regulatory, technical, and business complexities are driving finance and accounting teams to re-evaluate their policies, processes, controls, and systems. We can help your organization stay at the forefront of new financial reporting requirements. Divesting a business via a sale, spin-off, slit-off, or IPO presents a host of technical accounting, financial reporting, and operational challenges and issues. Our team assists clients with carve-out financial statements, finance workstream separation support and other financial reporting and accounting matters.

accounting advisory services

Overall, accounting advisory services help your clients identify their business goals and align their business plan to achieve those goals—all while relying on your firm’s unique knowledge and expertise. As you connect on a deeper level with your clients, you and your staff will become empowered to identify additional advisory opportunities along the way. Accounting advisory services include a variety of engagements designed to help clients streamline accounting processes, improve profitability, and enhance overall decision-making. These services are centered around providing your clients with proactive, forward-looking guidance and advice. This differs from traditional compliance work in that tax returns and related activities report on what happened in the past.

The five Accounting Advisory services buckets revealed

When you deliver services focused on compliance, you are preparing the financial statements, dealing with accounting and financial reporting issues and filing any statutory filings with the appropriate authorities. But if you handle complex accounting and analyze the numbers, discuss them with your client, help them look forward and/or help them better plan their affairs, this then shifts into the sphere of advisory work. Most of the traditional services we think of as accounting and bookkeeping can be categorized as compliance services. These include keeping up with the books, generating financial reports, and filing taxes—all compulsory for business owners. KPMG firms serve many of the world’s leading multinational corporations as well as financial investors on a recurring and event-driven basis.

accounting advisory services

Before making any decision or taking any action that may affect your business, you should consult a qualified professional advisor. Deloitte shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by any person who relies on this publication. During the COVID-19 pandemic, MAK Financial helped restaurant clients with the accounting for third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats and Postmates. This type of accounting “is actually somewhat complex,” Khalil said, as delivery companies can have different agreements with individual franchisors and charge them different rates.

What are accounting advisory services?

The fitness studio owner I mentioned initially came to me for bookkeeping and taxes. She later confided that there was no way she would have been able to expand her business and add new locations without us. Developing that “partnership” plus the financial insight made it happen. It can also mean helping your clients understand complex business issues informed by their accounting. How to drive more revenue, for instance, or how to reduce costs, when to hire, or when to re-negotiate a bank loan.

Not everyone has passed the CPA exam or equivalent accounting qualification. Just as not everyone understands that profitability doesn’t necessarily mean viability. Accountants can alleviate this problem by helping small business owners predict incoming revenue, outgoing expenses and creating a sensible budget. Accountants have played an essential role in keeping companies afloat throughout lockdowns, government restrictions and a crashing economy. But, unfortunately, the pandemic is unlikely to be the last financial challenge for businesses.


Float is an accounting software add-on that integrates with QuickBooks Online, Xero, and FreeAgent. Providing intuitive, efficient, and accurate cash flow forecasting, Float allows accountants, and business owners, to gain a deeper insight into the movement of their cash. Cash flow management and analysis are among the most common types of advisory services, which https://www.bookstime.com/articles/bookkeeping-austin isn’t surprising given the importance of having enough resources in the bank. First, charge a once-off price to develop a 12-month forecast/budget (or whatever time horizon you prefer) based on previous financial reporting and future assumptions. There is some work required to get the model in place depending on the level of detail you decide to go into.

  • Accounting advisory services are all about the future — and this shift is picking up steam as more and more accounting firms use technology to automate tax returns and compliance work.
  • They can simplify their business and get a better understanding of their finances by collaborating within FreshBooks or another platform.
  • New apps and software emerge rapidly, he said, and when you’re knowledgeable about them, you can choose the right ones to help your clients’ businesses run more smoothly.
  • Organizations including the AICPA have created materials firms can use to learn about CAS and offer training programs that cover everything from pricing to staffing to how to talk to clients about the value of CAS.
  • We can help your organization stay at the forefront of new financial reporting requirements.

I believe advisory services will be the future of accounting and bookkeeping for firms and solo practitioners. Another reason is that the pandemic has prompted business owners to become more concerned keeping their financials current as they closely monitor cash flow or apply for government subsidies. Today’s accounting departments are required to meet a multitude of reporting requirements for covenant compliance, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) compliance, and international reporting. Deloitte’s accounting and reporting advisory services has a suite of financial reporting offerings that can make your reporting a more efficient operation. It’s time to take the pain out of accounting and reporting—and start seeing the opportunities it presents.

Starting a new CAS practice is not a decision to be taken lightly. That said, CAS is an exciting area of accounting and one well worth pursuing. For firms that are willing to make the commitment, now is an opportune time to get started with CAS, Merhib said. “We’re seeing an increasingly complex business environment where clients of all sizes are now needing to make decisions more quickly,” he said. “It’s a perfect opportunity for firms to take a proven business model, use those resources, and really start delivering on the strategic advisory role for clients.” He suggests that firms assess their current capabilities and their “ability to execute on building a practice area,” and then create a thorough business plan that covers everything from billing practices to staffing to KPIs.

We aim to do this by providing innovative support to inspire confidence while addressing reporting challenges that stem from the changing economic and regulatory environment. Most firms that offer CAS serve either one or a small number of niches — and for good reason. “They want their CPAs to speak the ‘language’ of their industry almost as well as they do.”

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