How to Buy a Ruby Jewelry 13 Useful Tips 2023 Guide

How to Buy a Ruby Jewelry 13 Useful Tips 2023 Guide

How to buy a ruby

Rutile silk seen in some pieces suggests that star stones may be forthcoming. There is a ruby variety called “star ruby” that gets its beauty from its inclusions. Natural rubies are formed under the earth’s crust over the course of 20 million years, whereas lab-created rubies are synthesized in a controlled setting in a laboratory. Also, if a ruby’s tone is too light, it might be considered a pink sapphire — even if the stone has high saturation. Although some rubies are incredibly valuable and can command very high prices, most rubies are considerably less expensive than diamonds of the same size. Historically, ruby jewelry has usually been given as anniversary and birthday gifts.

Pick a setting that fits within your budget while matching your fiancé-to-be’s tastes and the two of you will be able to enjoy a stylish, timeless ring that’s truly special. As always, the vendor you choose for ruby jewelry will have the biggest impact on pricing and value for money. We recommend buying from James Allen thanks to their extensive inventory, excellent photos, reliable certification and competitive pricing.

51 ct Round Cut Ruby Gemstone, 4.4 mm From Myanmar

These mines can be small open mines located near rivers, underground pit mines, or large strip mines that stretch out as far as the eye can see. No matter what type of mine it is, ruby mines are usually dangerous places for the miners and harmful to the environment. Pleochroism is a word that comes from Greek and means “more colour”.

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Pliny’s book contains one of the first official mentions of rubies but the gemstones had been around for centuries before Pliny was born. Although rubies are always red, the depth of their colour and the overall quality of the gems varies widely. If you want to choose a good-quality, beautiful ruby, you need to understand their history and how they are formed. You also need to carefully consider the colour, clarity, and cut of each ruby. Knowing how to buy ruby jewelry can help you out in the long run. Not only are you going to get the best gemstone for your money, but you can be assured that you won’t be taken advantage of.

Stone Sizes

Not all gemstones are hard enough to survive the bumps of the day. But if your stone has a bad cut to it, it can compromise its durability. The weight needs to be balanced, so make sure to pick out rubies with a good cut and even shapes.

How to buy a ruby

Fine Quality Burmese Rubies are the rarest and most precious rubies available currently. Gemstones coming from the famed Mogok Area/ Mogok Rubies in Burma are highly valued and sought after. Yellow and rose gold are both good choices if you’re looking for an engagement ring that has a warm look.

International Gem Society

Because of this, it’s more common to see rubies in non-round shapes, such as the oval, pear and marquise cuts. Like with all gemstones, there’s no “best” shape for a ruby — instead, you should choose a shape that looks the most beautiful to you personally. Purplish red rubies – Purplish red rubies are made when chromium and titanium infiltrate a corundum crystal. Chromium is the primary metal and gives the gems a dominant red colour, while titanium gives them purple overtones.

How to buy a ruby

For example; two 1 carat rubies will be worth less than a single 2 carat ruby of comparable quality. Why a difference in price even though the carat weight is the same? Because a 2 carat ruby is that much rarer than two 1 carat rubies. Unlike color or even cut, carat weight cannot be gained, though it can be lost with re-cutting and re-polishing of the stone.

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Rubies go especially well with white precious metalsRubies used to be set in yellow gold, but the colour of the gold would often detract from the natural beauty of the rubies. Today rubies are usually paired with white gold or platinum. They look best, though, when they are set next to the clear, white beauty of diamonds.

How to buy a ruby

No two gems will be exactly the same unless cut exclusively for that purpose, especially in larger carat sizes. Note that rubies (aside from star rubies) do not have light tones. Their tones only go from medium like U12034 to dark like R7697.

Are Rubies More Expensive Than Diamonds?

The Jegdalek deposit in Afghanistan has produced rubies that rank with fine Mogok stones, but facetable material is in short supply. (If this deposit ever produces clean material, the market will surely take notice). The Montepuez rubies have colors that range from those of Myanmar stones to those of Thailand/Cambodia stones. They’re also available in a wide range of sizes, both treated and untreated. Overall color can often, but not always, offer a clue to a ruby’s origin. The vast majority of rubies are “native cut” in their country of origin.

  • This ruby is extraordinary for its rich, well-saturated colour and almost perfect transparency.
  • Parting is similar to cleavage, but is usually less severe and less consistent in how it is oriented, located, etc.
  • As we mentioned above, it’s very possible to buy a gorgeous ruby for a significantly lower price than a diamond of similar carat weight.
  • The combo of iron and chromium in the chemical makeup creates the dark red color.
  • Corundum gemstones, both rubies and sapphires, were first synthesized in the late 19th century.
  • Concerns were raised not only regarding heat treatment more generally but also over whether rubies from Möng Hsu should be distinguished from other Myanmar rubies.

Rubies are made of the same material as sapphire – corundum. Interestingly, all other corundum colors are called sapphire except red, which has the prestige of having its own name – ruby. The term “star ruby,” in addition to referring to rubies that display asterism, many also refer to transparent red corundum too light or too purple to properly call ruby.

An exceptionally high-quality ruby that combines rich, natural color with other quality factors is exceptionally rare and often worth an incredible amount. For example, this stunning 10.6 carat Pigeon Blood ruby from Mozambique from Leibish & Co. is priced at more than $850,000. Other factors, such as clarity and cut quality, also play a role in a ruby’s value. However, since rubies aren’t prized for their brilliance like diamonds are, the cut quality of a ruby isn’t such a major factor in determining its beauty or value.

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There are also a few specific tips that you’ll want to keep in mind if you’re purchasing a ruby engagement ring, which we’ve covered below. Note that a lab-created ruby is not the same as a fake ruby. We’ve covered each of the quality factors listed above in more detail below, with information on how each affects a ruby’s beauty and value. We’ve also provided our tips on choosing the right ruby and ensuring you pay a fair price. We recommend that you occasionally have your ruby engagement ring cleaned by a jeweller.

If you have the budget to spend mid 5-figures on a ruby, you can’t go wrong the incredible craftsmanship offered by Leibish & Co. They even have select Jared stores that you can send off jewelry for repair. Additionally, you get one free ring resizing, just in case it doesn’t fit quite right.

Rubies are formed at incredibly high temperatures in the depths of the earth when the mineral corundum is exposed to chromium oxide. This exposure happens deep in the cracks and crevices of large rock formations and mountain ranges. In addition to heating, it has also become common to fill fractures on the surface of the ruby with a type of lead glass. This increases the smoothness of the surface, as well as its transparency.

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